About Us

David Moretti's family emigrated from Naples, Italy in the 1930's, and David was born in the Federal Hill section of Providence, Rhode Island.  David spent many hours watching and helping his grandmother (who was a chef at the famous Biltmore Hotel) cook.  With this instilled love of cooking, David naturally choose baking as a profession as well as a passion.  David spent 19 years in Providence and the surrounding communities gleaning baking knowledge from various area bakeries.

   There are expert bread bakers and expert pastry bakers.  Very rarely do you find a baker who has mastered both of the arts.  David Moretti has done just that.

   Laurie Moretti was brought up in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Being a young and ambitious entrepreneur, she opened up her first lemonade stand at the age of eight.  She quickly earned her trademark in the neighborhood when she presented her homemade cookies.  Hence, a baker was born.

   After graduating from Bryant College with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, she spent many years gaining experience in preparation for owning her own business.

   David and Laurie met in 1986.  From the beginning they shared their dream of one day owning their own bakery.  They finally fulfilled their goal after moving to Sarasota in 1996.  Today, the business now employs several family members, including Laurie's father, "Hey-You!".
Paisano's Italian Bakery * 2732 Stickney Point Rd. * Sarasota * FL * 34231 Phone: (941) 926-8422 webake@verizon.net
Our Goals

  • To offer our customers only the highest quality and freshest baked goods at reasonable prices.
  • To provide our customers with a wide selection of products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To be a resource to organizations involved in community improvements and nonprofit fundraising. 
David and Laurie Moretti started Paisano's in 1998 and have been in the same location in Sarasota ever since.  In 2004 Paisano's doubled its floor space and manufacturing capability by expanding into an adjacent store.  Paisano's has grown from a small, humble place into a premier bakery capable of serving the diverse needs of the Sarasota  community.  From walk-in retail sales, to custom orders, wedding cakes of all sizes, to wholesale distribution, Paisano's can do it all!
Laurie's Father, "Hey-You".
David's Mother,  Grace